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HindSight: Olympian Backed Rear View Cycling Glasses – Kickstarter now live!

Back the campaign today and secure yourself a pair of cutting edge glasses

Former Olympic gold medalist Callum Skinner has launched a range of cycling sunglasses, featuring patent-pending, scientifically designed ‘rear-view mirrors’, giving you a full understanding of the road.

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise £30,000 with backers receiving a pair of sunglasses.

The glasses come in 3 models:

  • Edge Sport: First Kickstarter Tier £129, rising to RRP £199 after the campaign
  • Edge Hemp: First Kickstarter tier £189, rising to RRP £299 after the campaign
  • Edge Hemp Core: first Kickstarter tier £209, rising to RRP £325 after the campaign

Hindsight CEO, Alex Macdonald, adds “the birth of Hindsight came from a situation with which many urban cyclists will be able to relate – having one near-miss too many with road traffic. As a regular cyclist, I was aware that knowing what was coming behind me would allow me to make smarter decisions; and so, Hindsight was born.”

Skinner says that the glasses were initially designed to combat the issues that urban cyclists face, but they “quickly realised that these glasses had applications in the sporting world.”

For more information, and to add your support to the Kickstarter campaign, click here.

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