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3 - 5 July 2020 | Excel London
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Strong Supplies

Strong supplies

Strong Supplies is the ultimate way for all sporters to outperform themselves through correct intake of a personalised supplements plan. A plan, tailored to your needs, weight and activity. We are a team of Belgian sports nutritionists, pharmacists and doctors who aim to help athletes, semi-pro’s and all motivated amateurs, to find the right supplements. All products consist of 100% premium & pure nutrients, scientifically validated by experts.
Problems we want to solve:

  • Hard to understand and trust the wide range of supplements in the market -> The best experts, who have done all the research for you, handpicked your ingredients.
  • Hard to get the correct advice, adapted to your body, goals and sport. -> Through detailed and continuous feedback loops, we learn all about your body, goals and sport.
  • Hard to remember to intake the right doses at the right time. -> Personalised pouches per intake moment and mobile app notifications make it super easy for you.

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