London Bike Show

27 - 29 March 2020 | Excel London
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Stand: LB934

Mycrocam UK

MycrocamUK are dedicated to road safety and providing unique safety cameras that produce great video quality and safe to wear

Mycrocam 300x300

MycrocamUK specialise in unique and safe to wear action and safety cameras for cycling, equestrian and motorcycling. Our motto is Share Life. Capture Moments. Protect Your Ride. It's great to be able to share moments with family and friends and of course great quality video is a fun way to do that. They may not have been with you at the time, but you can share your experience with them with a true POV video. But equally as important, if not more so is protecting your ride.

Dashcams in cars are becoming more and more popular as they really are the silent witness. Dashcam evidence is now often used to ensure claims are settled fairly and the right person is brought to justice. As cyclists it's important that you have video evidence should you be involved in any incident. You could argue that video evidence is more important for cyclists as personal injury is a much bigger risk.

Our UHWK cycling camera really is unique, weighing just over an ounce, easy to use with one button operation and contoured to fit discreetly on the front of the cycle helmet. It is designed to produce great full 1080hd quality but at the same time safe to wear.


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