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The Cherry Marketing Institute’s mission is to increase the demand for Montmorency tart cherries through promotion, product development and research.


A substantial and growing body of scientific research continuously links Montmorency tart cherries to an array of important health benefits.

Montmorency tart cherries are abundant in anthocyanins – a natural compound that contributes to the ruby-red color and distinctive sour-sweet taste. This phytonutrient, a type of flavonoid, is also behind the potential health-promoting properties of Montmorency tart cherries. From soothing arthritis symptoms and easing muscle pain after a workout to enhancing sleep, they have been credited with an array of health advantages.The Cherry Marketing Institute supports research at the University of Northumbria headed by Glyn Howatson the Professor of Human & Applied Physiology and is the Director of Research & Innovation at Northumbria University, UK. His research interests include the use of functional foods to improve human performance and how these might be applied to human health more widely. Dr Karen Keane is a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition at Northumbria University. Her PhD focused on the health benefits to the cardiovascular system following the consumption of Tart US Montmorency cherries.

Dr Meghan Brown is a lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition at the University of Gloucester, following completion of her PhD at Northumbria University, where she focused on nutritional interventions (that included Tart US Montmorency cherries) to improve recovery from strenuous exercise.


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