The London Bike Show | Enhanced Performance & Accelerated Recovery
The Show has been postponed until 5 - 7 March 2021. Find Out More

London Bike Show

5-7 March 2021 | Excel London
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Enhanced Performance & Accelerated Recovery

No More Aches, Pains and Strains

Today you can claim your Ancient Magnesium Cool Relief and Travel Oil for just £19.76! (Usually £25.90)

Good Health Naurally’s superior form of ultra-pure, highly-energised formula enables Magnesium and MSM to be replenished through the skin with maximum absorption.

In addition to finding relief for exercise-induced inflammation, Magnesium also promotes cell turnover, whilst encouraging an improved immune response.

Our award-winning Ancient Magnesium range can offer a variety of benefits for an active lifestyle, such as:

  • Enhanced performance with on-the-go travel-size oil
  • Accelerated sports recovery - relieving inflammation, pain, and sore, strained muscles with ‘cooling’ lotion
  • Relieving stress and supporting a restful night’s sleep

We are thrilled to announce that Ancient Magnesium Cool Relief Lotion has been awarded winner of the ‘Best Sports Nutrition’ category in the Health Food Business Awards 2019.

Cool Relief contains added menthol which offers a soothing and ‘cooling’ sensation on the skin to support post-exercise recovery, providing fast relief for aches, pains and muscle strains. Overall a great choice for sports and exercise enthusiasts.

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