À Bloc Bicycle Bar

Brewed by cyclists for cyclists

Share stories, make new friendships and enjoy carefully crafted à Bloc beer

Serving à Bloc beer, as well as a selection of hot drinks and food, the À Bloc Bicycle Bar is the perfect place to chill out in between all the excitement of your day.

Carefully Crafted

À Bloc is brewed by master brewers with only the finest ingredients. Anything made with care and attention to detail is more appealing. Whether it's a hand welded steel frame, custom built carbon wheels or your favourite bib shorts. The À Bloc Peloton understands quality and appreciates the great things that only a craftsmen can deliver.


À Bloc shares the passion and heroism of cycling. The stories of suffering and achievements are the stories we like most. And that's part of the reason why we ride.

We love the stories from the peloton, the stories other cyclists tell, and your own stories. They enrich our lives. Stories are told when drinking a bloc. And we appreciate that a good story doesn't always have to be completely true. That's also part of cycling.


We ride together because it's simply better to share our experiences. Riding the Tour of Flanders together, the day before the pros. Because their arena is our arena. We ride the same roads, the same stretch of cobbles, the same corners. For all those who've climbed Ventoux or Stelvio, the climb was the same for a ll. The language of cycling is universal. Cycling binds us together, making friendships which can last for years or just til the finish line.

À Bloc builds a community of cycling enthusiasts. A place for all of us who share the same passion. It's a place for us to connect in the real world, and also on-line where people who share the same passion for cycling meet. It's a club where friendship is automatic, because we speak the same language. When you know how it feels to ride cobblestones, when you know how it feels to arrive on top of a col, or to sprint to the finish line, that's when you're a member for life. And let's drink to that!

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