Test Track

Come and try out the latest bikes from the best brands on our 500m indoor test track with BikeSwanky

The London Bike Show is home to a 500m test track, providing the perfect opportunity to try out the latest bikes before you make the all important decision of which one (if any) you'd like to purchase.

The track, in association with Bike Swanky will feature some of the best brands of road, commuter and electric bikes. Plus there's a smaller track perfect for youngsters to try out the best children's bikes!

Testing a bike is crucial before buying and most people will try at least three before deciding on the right one. The track offers a unique opportunity for anyone to try an array of bicycles and figure out which one will fit their body geometry best.

Brands confirmed to have bikes on the track:

  • Felt
  • Orbed
  • DeRosa
  • Oreo
  • Fondest
  • Kross
  • Cicli Elios
  • BH
  • Pga
  • Argon 18
  • Time
  • Bobbin
  • Legrand
Bike Swanky will operate a consultation process at the show to determine a perfect shortlist of suitable bikes for cyclists seeking their perfect ride, and offer you the opportunity to try a few out on the track for yourself.

You will subsequently be invited to attend demo days to thoroughly test ride the bikes in a real world environment so that you can be sure that you have picked the perfect ride for you.

Bike Swanky is a Membership based retailer, and they’ve arranged for special offers to made available during the course of the show.

If there are specific bikes you’d like to try at the Show then please get in touch with Bike Swanky on 020 8133 6432 to see if they can arrange to bring it to the Show for you.